– Enter Code to Activate Device – Amazon is the world’s best e-commerce site with various services and video platforms including Amazon prime video here you watch the latest movies and lots of web shows on Amazon prime video. Amazon Fire TV or smart TV, Roku, and many other streaming gadgets when you activate Amazon Prime video on with enter your activation code on your smart device and within few steps to Enjoy! Amazon prime videos.

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. Register your device
  3. Enter 6 digit amazon activation code
  4. Click on continue button
  5. Enjoy amazing movies and shows

What is Amazon My TV?

Hurry Up! Start now and set up Amazon Prime Video on your devices. Register your Smart TV, streaming media player, or any other device to watch now thousands of movies and videos in HD quality. Amazon Mytv Enter Code For Tv Registration brings you instant access to award-winning Prime Originals series, movies and more. Browse titles, search for your favorites, or enjoy movies and shows recommended just for you. Instantly stream or download videos to your mobile device or watch on the web.

Where to Enter Amazon My TV Code?

Once you have logged into your account, you will be given a unique 5 or 6-digit code. After entering the amazon registration , you need to press the button to continue and enjoy this service.

How to Create Amazon Account at

  1. Open the web browser and visit the amazon official site
    • or
  2. Enter the information asked
  3. Input the name, email and password
  4. Click on the link – “Create amazon account”
  5. One time password will be sent on your mail address
  6. Now, again visit the
    • Enter the OTP and click on “continue” button
  7. Open Amazon Prime and purchase the subscription.

Amazon My TV Activation Code

  1. Go to the application store on the smart TV
  2. Login with valid credentials to amazon account at
  3. The screen will display the amazon registration code
    • This 6 digit knows as amazon my tv activation code
    • The amazon code looks like – RFTGYH
    • Simply note down the code on the blank paper
  4. At the activation wizard or window enter the code when prompted
  5. Congo! Your TV has been registered with amazon prime account.

How to Activate Amazon My TV from

  1. Go to Amazon Prime Video in your Smart TV
  2. Choose options to sign in from “Register on the Amazon Website”
    • And “Sign in and Start”.
  3. Screen will display Amazon verification code
  4. Open your web browser and visit
  5. Enter your 6 digit amazon mytv code
    • Congratulations! Enjoy amazing movies and shows